October 17, 2023

Sparta Software Joins Palantir's FedStart to Accelerate Access to AI-Enabled Human Readiness Technology for US Government Customers

MENLO PARK, Calif.Oct. 9, 2023 -- Sparta Software Corporation, provider of Trinsic, an advanced Human Data Platform, is partnering with Palantir Technologies' FedStart program to operate at Impact Level 5 (IL-5) for US government customers. Trinsic offers a cutting-edge data and AI operations platform, AI/ML-enabled insights, and decision support tools to optimize human readiness for the mission.

FedStart is a SaaS offering that accelerates and expands access to Federal Government customers by enabling the Trinsic Human Data Platform to operate within Palantir's secure and accredited environment. This collaboration signals a critical milestone in Sparta Software's commitment to enhancing security and compliance, building upon existing credentials, including SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, and GDPR. Working together, Sparta Software Corporation and Palantir will continue to prove that, with the right controls in place, organizations can simultaneously protect and leverage data to optimize human readiness.

"We are thrilled to join Palantir's FedStart program and leverage their expertise and outstanding credentials for secure Gov-Cloud operations," said Sparta Software Corporation CEO and Founder Phil Wagner. "This partnership allows us to focus on delivering the best human readiness solutions without placing the full burden of an ATO on our customers, accelerating the time to capability in the hands of operators."

Sparta Software Corporation has provided solutions to the US government since 2017 across DoD service branches and civilian agencies. Customers using the Trinsic Human Data Platform derive data-driven critical insights to inform decisions that reduce the risk of injury, optimize performance, and carefully assess recovery for return to duty. Recently, Sparta Software Corporation has been partnering across industry and academia to conduct research on the correlation of human observation data across movement health-relevant domains, including sleep, rest activity rhythm (RAR), balance, injury risk, fall risk, neurodegenerative disease, and mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (mTBIs).

"Leveraging human observation data at the scale and security required for the DoD can unlock access to human readiness in ways we haven't seen before. I'm excited to build that future and deliver outcomes to our government customers where every body matters, every day."

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