Trinsic Human Data Platform Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Updated: March 26, 2024



The following definitions apply to the SLA:

  • "Covered Service" means Trinsic Human Data Platform (HDP) and its components, including: Sparta Cloud (a Web App), Sparta Scan App (a Desktop App running on Mac OS), and Sparta Move (a Mobile App).
  • "Downtime" means a properly-configured component of / or the whole Human Data Platform is not able to perform and serve customer requests.
  • "Downtime Period" means a period of 120 consecutive seconds of Downtime. Intermittent Downtime for a period of less than 120 consecutive seconds will not be counted towards any Downtime Periods.
  • “Uptime” means a period of time when the Covered Service remains uninterrupted and operational. “Uptime Percentage” is calculated based on the mathematical relation between Uptime and Downtime Periods.
  • “Company” means Sparta Science
  • “Customer” means organization or individual entered into the Service Agreement with Sparta Science regarding Human Data Platform

Monthly Uptime Percentage

During the Term of the agreement under which Sparta Science has agreed to provide Human Data Platform (the “Covered Service”) to Customer (as applicable, the "Agreement"), the Covered Service will provide a Monthly Uptime Percentage to Customer of at least 99.0% (the "Service Level Objective" or "SLO").

Service Scope

The following Services are included in this Agreement:

  • Monitored email support at
  • Dedicated customer success manager (only for Customers eligible for this type of service, according to the signed Service Agreement between Sparta Science and the Customer)


Company Responsibilities

The following products/services are covered by this Agreement:

  • Human Data Platform service commitment
  • ensure the Covered Service is available to Customer in accordance with the Uptime guarantee;
  • respond to support requests within the timescales listed below;
  • take steps to escalate, diagnose, and resolve issues in an appropriate and timely manner, including the allocation of a sufficient number of skilled staff and the collection of necessary information; and
  • maintain clear and timely communication with Customer at all times.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Use the Covered Service as intended under the Service Agreement;
  • Notify the Company of issues or problems in a timely manner and as thoroughly as is possible;
  • Cooperate with the Company in its efforts to escalate, diagnose, and resolve issues by providing timely and accurate responses to requests for information;
  • In case of an A-Priority Alert, ensure the availability of a sufficient number of skilled Customer employees to cooperate with the Company;
  • Provide the Company with access to equipment, software, and services for the purposes of maintenance, updates, and fault prevention; and
  • Maintain staff with adequate information technology knowledge to fulfill these responsibilities.

Support Availability

Regular business hours are considered to be from 9.00 am until 5.00 pm Pacific Standard Time, Monday to Friday, except Federal U.S. Holidays and observances as defined by the U.S. Government.

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager: will be available during regular business hours.
  • Email support: will be monitored during regular business hours. Any email received outside office hours will be collected, and best efforts will be made to respond to Customer’s request. However no action will be guaranteed until the next working day.

Support Requests

It is Customer’s responsibility to properly indicate the criticality of the support request in the email or when contacting Customer Success Manager, to ensure proper handling of the support request.

In support of services outlined in this Agreement, the Company will respond to service related incidents and/or requests submitted by the Customer within the following time frames. 

Resolution times are subject to the complexity and nature of the support request. Once responded to, the Company will make a best effort to resolve any outstanding issue(s) as quickly as possible.


Description / Business Impact

Response Time*

Resolution Time**


The Covered Service is unusable or unavailable

< 2 hours 

up to 8 hrs


The essential function(s) of Covered Service stopped working, or Covered Service is slow with intermittent downtimes

< 8 hours 

up to 48 hrs


One or more of the documented Covered Service function(s) stopped working or are not working correctly; also, data correction requests

< 48 hours

up to 1 month


New feature requests

at Sparta’s discretion

at Sparta’s discretion


* Response Time - the value is valid during business hours only; if outside of business hours, the response will be provided next business day.

* Resolution Time - the provided value is valid for the time of normal business operation only; in the event of a disaster, the Resolution time is calculated according to procedures in activated Company’s Disaster Recovery Plan, and may take up to 104 business hours, or even more.

For your convenience, below provided are some types of events that Sparta Science classifies as disasters:

  • severe cyberattacks (for example, DDoS attacks), or acts of terrorism;
  • power failure or physical damage at the data center of CSP (cloud service provider) hosting Human Data Platform;
  • natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, wildfires and earthquakes;
  • physical damage to SaaS customer data i.e. loss, corruption or deletion;
  • insolvency of the data center or third party telecommunications provider;
  • theft of hardware on which the SaaS software operates, and such.

Support Escalation Policy

If the normal support process does not produce the desired results, or if the problem has changed in priority, the problem can be escalated as follows:

If nothing helps, contact the official representative of the Company.

SLA Exclusions

The SLA does not apply to any (a) features designated pre-general availability (unless otherwise stated in the associated Documentation); (b) features not listed on Sparta Knowledge Website ( or those excluded from the SLA (in the associated Documentation); or (c) errors (i) caused by factors outside of Sparta's reasonable control; (ii) that resulted from Customer's software or hardware or third party software or hardware, or both; (iii) that resulted from abuses or other behaviors that violate the Agreement.